Performance, Leadership and Sales Trainings

Gamification Approach and Sales Coaching

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Performance, Leadership and Sales Trainings

Sales coaching is a form of management and communication that provides an endless opportunity to all sales professionals who want to improve the performance of their sales team and themselves. This process is almost a journey of self-discovery for the employee (client).

Educational content

  • What is Sales Coaching?
  • The Journey from Manager to Coach
  • Why Need Sales Coaching?
  • Improving Management Skills
  • Increased Loyalty
  • Increased Performance
  • Adaptation
  • Competence Development
  • Performance = Potential - Obstacle
  • Reaching Maximum Potential with Limited Resources
  • Competencies of Sales Specialist / Sales Manager / Sales Coach
  • Journey of Performance Development
  • Who Needs Coaching?
  • Sales Coaches Must First Discover Themselves and Then the People They Will Be Coaching.
  • First Compliance
  • Behavior Profiles in Sales - Inventory Application - Application
  • Potential Performance Matrix
  • Effective Listening in Sales Coaching
  • The Power of Questions in Sales Coaching
  • The Power of Feedback in Sales Coaching
  • Development and Reporting
  • Structured Sales Coaching:
    • Plan
    • Visit
    • Observation
    • Feedback and Agreement - Choice of Subject / Determining the Purpose
    • Action – Structured-Coaching-Set Plan / Action Plan
    • Development and Removing Barriers
    • Feedback and Monitoring Results – Reporting


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