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Gamification Workshop / D-6 Model

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Gamification Trainings

With this workshop, what gamification is, why it has become so important recently, in which areas it can be used, and the D-6 model will be presented.

Educational content

The training covers 6 main modules.

  1. First Module: Clarifying Goals
    • Making goals SMART
  2. 2nd Module: Determining Behavior-Changes
    • Determining behavioral changes expected from staff to achieve key objectives
  3. 3rd Module: Know your Player
    • Personnel-Power-Analysis Study
    • Creating Value-Maps of Staff
    • Determining the Player Motives of Sales Personnel. (Player Profile)
  4. 4th Module: Activity and Cycle
    • Behavior Cycles
    • The Hook Model
    • Traditional Rewarding and Next-Generation Rewarding Theorems
    • SAPS Gamification Rewarding Model of Sales Personnel.
    • Surprise, Show, Motivate, Share
  5. 5th Module: Add Entertainment to Sales
    • Storytelling Models
    • Competition, Fun, Mystery, Luck.
  6. 6th Module: Design, Platform and Programs for Sales
    • Introduction to Gamification Design: Dynamics, Mechanics and Components
    • Gamification Examples


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